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  Welcome to our world.

Pamuzinda International is a relatively new and small company that started trading initially as an internet cafe and retail business importing and retailing world foods. Due to the popularity of our world foods products we began selling world foods to other businesses and the wholesale side of our business took off. Our tripe and sausage range have been particularly successful!

The company will continue to rely on the proven skills of its founder, Tendai Zveushe, and employees to take advantage of the growing need for world foods. Tendai Zveushe leads the company as it establishes itself as a high quality product producer.

As the founder and sole principal, I am passionate about the success of my business, the quality of our products and our customers’ satisfaction. We have achieved this by working closely with our Environmental Health team and observing government legislation. As a Food Business Owner I have had training consumerate to my level. This training and hands on experience have resulted in adequate knowledge to manage my team and ensure that safe food is everyone’s number one objective.

Britain has an increasingly large African and Eastern European population. Pamuzinda International is in a position to capture a significant portion of this market locally and nationally as we sell a range of ‘nostalgic’ and staple diet products and have a growing number of wholesale customers.

Pamuzinda International will differentiate itself from its competitors (generally larger firms and unregistered individuals) through better tastier products, branded, personalised service, and the development of unique African recipes which the majority of our customers would have grown up experiencing. Below is table showing the key staff that continues to make the growth possible.

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